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Project Info

I found this sun lamp "robot" at the antique store near my house and immediately saw the beginnings of an anthropomorphized creature walking across the table. The design was pretty easy when looking at the supports as arms, and the entire piece was put together in one day.

And I know what a lot of you are thinking: "Where can I find something like this????" Chances are you're not going to run into an old sun lamp mechanism like this anytime soon. But, the whole idea here is to take something and reinvent it into a new piece, so don't dismiss anything you may have lying around your home or shop that could be reinvented into something totally new. Be creative and think outside the box!

Some insights on this build:

1. If you're uncomfortable working with electricity, get the advice and skills of a professional electrician.

2. The steel used for the legs was surprisingly easy to work with once it was heated up. I am thinking about how I can use this same heating technique to modify steel into different shapes for future projects.

3. Originally, this sun lamp was supposed to hang on the wall (you can see the hole hanger on the back of the piece in the video), and the "arms" were to point down and the socket faced outward from the wall with the sun lamp bulb installed. The time still worked upon testing so now I can turn the lamp on for up to an hour and it will turn itself off.

This turned into more of an art piece than functional piece. It was a fun build and allowed me to breathe new life into what could have been a discarded object. What do you think? Leave me some comments on the YouTube video page about what you'd do differently to this robot.

Hopefully this gives you some insight on how to create one of these for yourself. Please like and subscribe to the YouTube channel and share the video with your friends. Every little like and share helps keep me in the shop.

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