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Project Info

We have this bear head – made out of I'm assuming some sort of papier mache type of material. And I wanted to hang it above the fireplace but did not want to drill a hole into the tile for it to hang. So, my solution was to make this mount in an L-shape with the base providing enough weight and counterbalance for the snout of the bear head. With an oak panel, some stain and a little brass trim, this is a pretty easy project to put together and can be customized for your own needs.


The stain was an issue, and I get into that in the video.


The brass trim was ordered online and it came in 14" segments. What I decided to do was miter the end of each piece and then butt the next piece in at the same angle - which isn't necessary to do but I thought it would give a lesser appearance to the seam than if I had left it at a flat 90 degree angle. The brass was very easy to work with and I will definitely be thinking about how to incorporate metal pieces into future woodworking projects.


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